How to measure yourself for clothes

 Buying clothes online can be very challenging.  It is hard to tell if the clothes will fit you simply by looking at the pictures.  And every brand has their own sizing philosophy.  

It is so much easier when you can just go into the store and try the clothes on before buying them.  

Unfortunately, that will often result in higher prices. And you skip out on the convenience of shopping from your home. Or from your phone when you are on the go.

To make things easier, we have created this guide outlining how clothes are measured so you can measure yourself to determine if clothes will fit you.


The most common pants measurements are waist and inseam.  The waist being the circumference of the opening of the pants at the top. And the inseam being the distance from the crotch down to the end of the leg.

But, depending on the pants you are buying, there might be other measurements that you are interested in.  

In the image below, we have outlined all the major things you could measure on a pair of pants, and what they are called.  If you are shopping for pants online, you can check to see if there is a size chart for the pants you are buying, and the size chart should include at least a few of these measurements.

If the measurements you are looking for are missing, try reaching out to the store selling the pants and ask if they can send you additional measurements.  If you stick to the labels on the image below, the retailer should be able to figure out what you are looking for.


Most people may not think about measureing for a T-Shirt. But for some body types, it might be a good idea.  This is espeacially true for those who are tall, and don't want to show their belly. 

Making sure they get a T-Shirt  that is long enough can be very important to those individuals.  See the diagram below for the different measurements.  One thing to note that is missing in this chart is the neck.  That is included in the next seciton regarding measurements for a dress shirt.

Dress Shirt

A dress shirt has most of the same measurements as a T-Shirt.  The main difference is the arm and forearm measurements.  Since a T-Shirt is short sleeve, it does not have these measurements.

Also, you can see on the chart below, there is a neck measurement.  This measurement can be important in both dress shirts and in T-Shirts.

However, since most T-Shirts don't fit as tightly around the neck as dress shirts do, it is not usually as important of a measurement to have.  


Today we talked about the most common measurments for shirts and pants.  We hope this guide will help you have more confidence when shopping online for clothes.

We recommend having a friend help you take your measurements, then compare them to the measurements in the sizing chart on the website you are visiting.